Eco Village Kostunici

Sports and recreational tourism
The offer in the tourist centre “Momčilo Čeković” in Koštunići has been enriched with additional contents. On the left bank of the Čemernica River there are two sports courts built in accordance with the latest standards, out of which one is a tennis court, with plastic base and which fulfill all professional criteria.
Lovers of fishing, mountaineering, biking and hiking can enjoy numerous possibilities in natural surroundings of tame village Kostunići.
The Cemernica River, as the biggest potential of this area, runs through village of Kostunići and provides large possibilities for the development of sports and recreational tourism.
Favorable climate factors, ideal altitude, clean air, untouched nature, numerous mountains and richness of hydrographic resources represent the ideal conditions for development of sports and recreational tourism and basic preparations of athletes.

Due to beautiful terrains, richness of flora and fauna, numerous wells of cold and drinking water, we recommend to mountaineers, hunters and all who want to escape from urban life at least for short time, mountains Ravna gora and Suvobor, which are nicely and appropriately developed, without endangering of natural balance.
Lovers of bicycles of all ages can enjoy in ride on developed paths and terrains of mild slopes of mountain in the surroundings of Kostunići. Short stops during recreation are for rest and enjoy in the scent of meadows or for picking of herbs.